In-Home Monument Design Consultation

Monumental Life understands the difficulties that some of our customers will endure if they are required to visit a local monument company to discuss a custom design or to place an order. This is Another Unique Service Monumental Life offers for our clients. 


As expected, many of our customers are elderly and either can not drive or don't have a convenient method for traveling or they may simply feel more comfortable in the privacy of their home.


Monumental Life offers interested parties headstone and gravestone design consultations in the privacy of their own residence whenever possible.

No-obligation, in-home gravestone design consultations are available locally in the SouthWest Louisiana area. During these design consultations, we will explain gravemarker styles and types, granite monument colors, monument sizes, engraving options, memorial accessories and the delivery and installation process.

In some cases, we will also travel to visit with a potential customer at their workplace to make the process more convenient. Some of our clients are just too darn busy with their career and family responsibilities to visit a showroom. Just call us and we will talk with you to see what can be arranged.


To request an in-home monument or headstone design consultation meeting from Monumental Life call 337-304-9494. We will be happy to speak with you about your ideas and plans for a memorial in the privacy of your own home or office.

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