Pros and Cons

Quality brick engraving combines art with science. Over the years, our expertise in both has produced the finest laser engraved bricks in the industry. We use our unique laser engraving processes, to create a deep and glossy mark that is permanent and maintenance free.


Not every company is as obsessed with quality as we are, however. Many still use non-laser etching methods like sandblasting and pantographing. On the pro side, such bricks can be turned out cheaply and quickly. On the con side, the difference in quality is significant. Our research shows that some older marking processes result in inferior products: bricks that are neither as durable nor, in the long run, as safe as those we create through our laser-based brick engraving.


Laser Engraving – The Power of Light
To better understand etching pros and cons, let’s look at the science. Sandblasting is just what it sounds like—a jet of sand is “blasted” against the surface of the brick by means of compressed air or steam. If that sounds a bit like erosion, you’re right—it’s essentially a controlled, amped-up form of erosion used to remove targeted areas of the brick. As you can imagine, that’s hardly the ideal way to create a durable product.


By contrast, our lasers use the power of light to achieve precise, artistic, and lasting effects. With pinpoint accuracy, the laser beam transforms the engraved areas of the brick into ceramic in a process known as laser vitrification. This brick engraving ensures that the inscription, ornamentation, or other visual features will permanently cohere with the surrounding brick material.


In other words, the markings don’t merely stick to the brick—they become part of it. No added paint, ink, or epoxy fillers are needed to achieve contrast. While sandblasting and other such brick etching can fade or even cause crumbling over time, bricks that have been laser engraved endure for a lifetime. Just check our rigorous standards of brick durability.


The Marks of True Quality Endure

Unlike sandblasting, laser vitrification does not produce pockmarks or cavities in bricks.  Such cavities attract dirt and invite erosion due to the freeze-thaw cycle of some harsh climates. As sandblasted bricks deteriorate, they develop large gaps on the surface that can pose hazards, particularly for patrons who use assistive walking devices like canes or walkers.


On the other hand, the laser engraved brick is not affected by ultra-violet light, meaning that it’s completely resistant to fading in sunlight. Unlike poorly etched bricks that need delicate handling and protection from the elements, the laser-etched brick is virtually maintenance free. Simply wash away any dirt and debris to show off the clear, damage-free marking.


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